Creating a Cloud9 environment

First of all, you need a Cloud9 Environment so you can start developing. Go to and sign in using your AWS account.

Upon seeing the Cloud9 dashboard, click ‘Create Environment’:


Provide a Name and Description for the environment:


Click ‘Next Step’.

Then select whether you want to have an EC2 instance assigned for your environment. If you want to have your own machine to host your environment, that option is available as ‘Connect and run as remote server (SSH)’. We will be using EC2 instance so leave the default setting.

Select an instance type. We select the default here:


Leave other settings as default. If you prefer, you can change the cost saving settings and network settings.


Click Next Step.

Review your configuration and click Create Environment.


You will see the following screen while your environment is being created:


When the loading finished, your Cloud9 environment is all set.

Next up, we will create our first Lambda function.