After a while since I had installed VS Code, I started to work on a nodejs project. As I started development, I started to realise that the intellisense of VS Code was just not up to the high standards that I had expected. Infact, it was just plain poor. There was no option even to rename an element, no ‘lightbulb’, no options when right-clicking an element:

Visual Studio Code javascript Intellisense not working

I knew that some setting was not configured properly. So after digging up the Visual Studio Code website for javascript configuration, I came up with what was wrong.

There is a built-in extension called TypeScript and JavaScript Language Features (vscode.typescript-language-features) that is disabled.

To enable it, go Extensions.

Click the dotted button in the Extensions panel:

VS Code javascript nodejs intellisense

And click Show Built-in Extensions from the dropdown box.

In the search box, type @builtin TypeScript and JavaScript Language Features

When the extension appears, Enable it.

Now you should be able to see the list of options for making your coding life easier:

VS Code Enabling Javascript nodejs intellisense
VS Code Javascript nodejs intellisense enabled