AWS Amplify allows you to create and manage AWS resources for authentication, APIs, database and file storage and allows you to interact with them programmatically. It handles the entire development and deployment process and scales easily.

When developing with AWS Amplify, different team might prefer different scenarios. Some teams might opt for using AWS Users in a single AWS account while in some teams every developer might have a totally separate AWS account as part of an AWS Organization.

Single AWS Account

If your team has users in a single AWS Account, then take a look at AWS Amplify multiple environment setup in a single AWS Account with Git Workflow.

Multiple AWS Accounts

The ideal approach is discussed here, where a team consisting of multiple developers using their own AWS accounts can use the same environment(s).

Another easier yet a bit compromising approach is discussed in this post, where we have to create and maintain a separate AWS Amplify environment for each developer.

Cross-account Amplify deployment

If multiple members of a team have separate AWS accounts yet they will like to deploy to a single AWS account by providing cross-account access to a certain AWS account, then this technique can be found in this post.